Do You Need More Laundry Storage?

Do You Need More Laundry Storage?

Ask About Cabinet Installation in Charlotte, NC

You may have a spot for your hamper, but what about your laundry detergent and fabric softener? And where are you going to hang your delicates? Closet Logic has the perfect solution for you. We build custom laundry storage spaces.

Our team can install cabinets in your laundry or mud room. We have an array of shelving colors for you to choose from. An associate will walk you through our product selection so you can make a smart decision for your home.

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5 laundry storage ideas for inspiration

Before you schedule a closet installation in Charlotte, North Carolina, find out exactly how you want your new storage space to look. Here are five laundry storage ideas to get you started:

  1. Install a fold-away rack to hang your delicates
  2. Put shelves in narrow areas to make use of the space
  3. Add cabinets around your washer or dryer for easy access to your laundry items
  4. Install pull-out drawers to hide your laundry baskets
  5. Attach a drying rack to your ceiling

An associate will discuss your needs with you to help you choose the right features. Get in touch with us today to go over your laundry storage options with an expert in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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